OUR history



January, The Life Church of the Assemblies of God was approved as a home missions church through the Assemblies of God, Michigan District. 


May of 2010, the first launch meeting was held in the Fellowship Hall of The Shores Church.  A weekly core group of roughly 15 met every week until September of 2010.


May 8th, The Life Church held its first public service consisting of the core group, supporting churches, and family and friends.


​December 2012, The Life Church secured a lease-to-own agreement for a church building on Martin Road in Warren, between Hoover and Schoenherr. The church desired to purchase the building, but at the time of the move had less than $1,000 in the bank.


January 20, 2013, The Life Church had its official public launch, Big Day! With more than 80 guests from the community.

August 2013, The Life Church held its first baptism, as 17 people were baptized in a backyard pool.


June, The Life Church signed documents, purchasing its first building on Martin Road, having raised the $57,000 required by God's miraculous provision.


April the church's first official members were brought into the church covenant, totaling 43 members, under the direction of co-pastors Larry Parker and Lou Commisso.


March, Kenny Holland became the church's Associate Pastor. Until God moved him to a church closer to home.

November, Larry Parker became the church's Senior Pastor. Lou Commisso moved on from The Life Church


January, Larry Parker was officially consecrated by the Assemblies of God Michigan District, Director Jeff Hlvain.

February, Bert Copple became the church's Executive Pastor.


August, Tom Rea became the church's Associate Pastor.

October, Guy Parker became the church's Connections Pastor.


The Life Church Warren became an autonomous church in the Assemblies of God